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Effectiveness and maximum efficiency are two of the most important values you can add to your organisation in a highly competitive market. As a professional, you need to be equipped with the right knowledge needed to effectively manage all the resources in your charge, especially the human resources and D.I.S.C is a psychometric tool which empowers you to get this done. D.I.S.C is used by thousands of organisations all over the world, to achieve maximum efficiency of their human resources.


This course is for HR Practitioners, training facilitators and consultants, training & development specialists, all Leaders and Managers looking to enhance their capacity to engage and motivate people.


Everyone has distinctive characteristics and qualities which influence our thinking, preferences and behaviour. Research shows that these behavioural characteristics can be grouped into four categories called personality styles or profiles and that people with similar personalities tend to exhibit specific traits common to that style or profile. D.I.S.C. is a positive tool, which helps individuals increase in effectiveness as they identify and capitalise on their strengths; recognise potential weaknesses and identify their blind spots based on the four categories identified by the tool.







  • Enhance relational time professionally and personally
  • Gain greater sensitivity to others around you
  • Maximize personal strengths and minimize weaknesses
  • Resolve internal conflicts and power struggles more quickly
  • Enhance teamwork among an organization's staff
  • Help children and teenagers develop a positive self-image
  • Assess a person's nonverbal communication
  • Identify how and why people make decisions
  • Reveal root communication problems in seven minutes
  • Motivate others toward greater productivity


  • Open new doors to consulting and training opportunities
  • Use the graphs to resolve some of the most pressing needs of businesses today
  • Effectively analyze the 3 graphs of the Personality System Profile and apply what you learn
  • Create a strategic process that improves communications and increases productivity
  • Significantly enhance your marketability as an expert consultant



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